About us

Medical Network

“Medical Network” is a project designed by a group of international medical experts with long-term clinical experience.

“The group” organized with a desire to be a ‘guide’ to patients and clients in setting up a network of the best quality health institutions with goals to stimulated and maintain a quality health service and assuring the utmost satisfaction of patients and clients – the users of the Health Card.

Health Card

The ‘Health Card’ emblem is a sign of proven and tested exceptional service quality and demonstrates the desire of health service providers to do everything to provide their clients with quality health services and utmost satisfaction for our patients-clients.

We offer you quality and controlled health service in private health institutions and clinics equipped with the latest diagnostic technology and surgical equipment to perform from the most simple to the most demanding surgical tasks. The leading experts in medical tourism are in our ‘network’ of institutions.

High-quality and controlled medical services
The best medical staff available provides our medical treatments.

Entrust the ‘Medical Network’ for your entire medical organization which will provide you with a complete service in one place, with the guarantee of the highest level of quality. Complicated conditions demand a consultative opinion of multiple experts - a second opinion can be organized for you.

“Medical Network” is registered as a tourist agency and, as such, can organize the entire package of services for you if needed, ranging from organizing your trip, transportation  and stay while providing the best health treatment for you.