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Hrvatska (Croatia) Masarykova 2

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More about the institution

Dental Polyclinic Krhen in Zagreb covers all fields of dental medicine.

Krhen's Polyclinic offers solutions for quality processing and individual approach, and a top-notch specialist team with many years of experience and ongoing international training in modern dentistry will solve all your tooth problems.

Polyclinic is equipment at the level of high European and world standards. In order to provide quality service to our patients, we are constantly investing in technological advancement. With the latest diagnostic radiology in the form of RVG, RTG and CT we can fully diagnose the condition of the tooth and adequately solve every problem.

We have been working with the world's best dental implants for over 20 years at the Polyclinic Krhen - the Swiss system STRAUMANN and the Swedish system NOBEL BIOCARE. Valuable long experience of our experts, countless implants and satisfied patients are essential components that determine the work and performance of Polyclinic Krhen, thanks to our individual and quality approach, which is our motivation and quality assurance.

In 2015, we found ourselves on a list of doctors selected as the best in the Republic of Croatia according to patient recommendations.

The certificate of excellence was awarded to us for the field of oral surgery.

Why choose Polyclinic Krhen?

The Krhen Polyclinic should be selected for its proven expertise. In addition to this, Dr. Juricu Krhen, after his several-month review and reviews of his 20-year work, International Team for Implantology (ITI), made him a distinguished member in the field of implantology at the beginning of 2015 in ITI Fellow.

Quality and affordable service prices - by applying the highest quality materials and equipment, we can compete with other doctors, while quality of final work and patient satisfaction is imperative in business.

Great results in the shortest possible time - we reach each and every patient individually and professionally to achieve the desired results as soon as possible.

Application of the highest quality materials - By applying the highest quality materials we achieve results according to high European standards.

Experienced and experienced staff - with long experience and day-to-day training, we achieve the desired results.


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