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Health Card Discount (HCD) card is a card which allows its users access to quality medical services in our partners' institutions under 10% - 50% discount. Upon purchase, Healt Card Discount card is valid for 365 days and can be used in an unlimited number of times and clinics. Discounts are set by our partners' institutions and therefore vary for each healthcare provider in our network. In other words, each HCD partner institution has a set discount available with a show of valid Health Card in an unlimited number of times and for all types of payments (cash and cards).

Currently, the network of Health Card Partners  brings together more than 130 selected service providers: private health care institutions - medical and dental clinics, pharmacies, shops with medical equipment and supplies, wellness and spa centers, restaurants, accommodation facilities and transportation service providers.  All of them offer set discounts to Health Card card users across 6 different countries (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Italy, Serbia and Slovenia). We hope to keep expanding.  

In order to be accepted, Health Card partners were subjected to a thorough selection process by our medical experts. Many of them are leaders in their specializations, equipped with the latest diagnostic technology and surgical equipment, as well as professional staff that successfully perform even the most complex medical procedures. 

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Do you want access to quality medical services and treatments? Do you need a general check-up, complete blood tests or genetic testing? How long have you been waiting for your MRI and CT scanning or specialist examination? Would you like to have a different smile, remove wrinkles, or get rid of tattoos and scars? With the Health Card Discount card, you get discounts to all of those and many more services.

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Currently, Network of Health Card Partners is comprised of leading medical experts and business professionals operating in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia. We encourage applications from other countries as well.

Network of Health Card Partners advertises locally and internationally. All Health Card Partners are graded as high standard healthcare facilities.

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