Polyclinic MKS, Bjelovar

Hrvatska (Croatia) · Središnja Hrvatska Klokočevac 1a, Bjelovar

H2TAG Polyclinic MKS, Bjelovar.



Polyclinic "MKS" was opened in October 2013 as part of the Home for the elderly and weakness Vita Nova in Bjelovar to provide services in the field of mental health. The guiding principle in the work of this ordination has access to the man as a unity and focus on the health resources whether there is a disease / disorder of any type or not.
Clients are offered services of prevention programs, counseling, treatment of already existing disorders / diseases / disorders, psychotherapy, complementary method of treatment, consultation and consultation of terms with the professionals of different profiles.

Contact Information

099 / 434-5430
Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday 8-15, Friday 8-14
Polyclinic MKS, Bjelovar

Location: Hrvatska (Croatia), Središnja Hrvatska

Klokočevac 1a, Bjelovar

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