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H2TAG Viladens, center of dental surgery and radiography, Rijeka.


VILADENS company is a specialized dental medicine and oral surgery centre.It was created as a response to needs, in everyday practice, for the advice and therapy of oral surgeon without any long waiting.
The proprietress Josipa Borčić, is a doctor of science and oral surgeon specialist. After 17 years of medical work on the Facolty as a teacher and educator of series of dentists, and many years of work in the office of Oral Surgery at Clinical Hospital Centre of Rijeka, in 2012 she decided to open a private centre for oral surgery. In this way she enabled faster and better services to patients and dentists who daily seek advice and better course of treatment for their patients.
In addition to the oral surgeon, there are a number of other doctors and specialists in the field of dental medicine who cooperate with the centre Viladens and from which you can receive advice or necessary treatment.

Along the basic procedures of oral surgery, the centre offers non-standard procedures of dental implantation, aesthetic medicine and laser therapy.
With high quality medical service, centre is equipped with cutting-edge technology such as lasers and x-ray devices.

Aesthetic medicine
Today’s concepts of dental medicine combine not only the mouth but also the wider area ( lips and area around lips) in order to give a completely healthy and beautiful smile.
Oral surgeons as surgical specialists in the field of dental medicine and maxillofacial surgeons are the most experienced and best acquainted with the problems of the soft tissue around the oral cavity.
For treatment of the lips and surrounding skin, various preparations are used, among which hyaluronic fillers, blood plasma and botox.

The English abbreviation PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma) means blood plasma rich with platelets. Therapy PRP is a type of regenerative medicine, which is most commonly used to fight aging and treatment of injuries.
In dental medicine this procedure is used for more than twenty years for regeneration of hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity.The biggest difference and advantage of PRP is that it is a bioactive material which strongly influences the metabolism with a strong effect of rejuvenation and renewal of the skin.Today, various well-proven products provide us with many opportunities for anti-aging, repair of minor imperfections or emphasis of certain parts of the face, without major and permanent surgical intervention.
Allow yourself little but definitely a certain satisfaction!

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Viladens, center of dental surgery and radiography, Rijeka

Location: Hrvatska (Croatia), Kvarner

Primorska ulica 8, Rijeka

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