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Ophthalmologists DR. ELMA Sontacchi, Ophthalmologist, provides its services to patients since 1999. Ophthalmological examinations of children and adults are made in a modern space of 150 m2 in Gunduliceva Street 23 in Osijek, with parking places.
We provide ophthalmological examinations for glasses and all types of contact lenses, diagnostic (OCT, field of vision, corneal topography), monitoring and treatment of anterior and posterior eye segment and glaucoma.
The high-quality equipped operating room, which has controlled conditions changes filtered air and ensured uninterrupted power supply, perform the surgical procedures:
- outpatient, by ultrasound cataract - Cataracts
- Surgical procedures on the eyelids and the outer parts of the eye

Botox, except for cosmetic purposes, treat blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm, and applying intradermal fillers for cosmetic purposes.
With ophthalmic practice, the service is and ophthalmic optics, which guarantee quality eyeglass lenses and craftsmanship glasses for children and adults.

Seeing examination, Optical coherence tomography ( OCT ), Fluorescent angiography ( FAG ), Treatment of glaucoma, Cataract surgery, Lowered eyelid surgery

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Ophthalmology practice dr.Elma Sontacchi, Osijek

Location: Croatia, Slavonia

Gundulićeva 23, Osijek

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