Estetika Fabjan, Kranj

Slovenia Gosposvetska 6, 4000 Kranj

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Clinic for esthetic dentistry and aesthetic surgery, gynecology and dermatology.
In Slovenia, a fresh wind in the field of dentistry and aesthetic surgery and recently even in the field of dermatology and gynecology has started blowing.

Strong family alliance
Tina Fabjan, a doctor of dental services, and Matic Fabjan, a specialist in plastic surgery, a married couple, who are not afraid of common work challenges. We could say that it is a family business affiliation, family Fabjan, so to speak, placed in the cradle. Center Fabjan successfully operates in four clinics throughout Slovenia, and expands all of their activities beyond the borders of Slovenia.

From surgery to dentistry, gynecology and dermatology all in one place
Art equipment and sophisticated aesthetic appearance is the first thing we see when entering the premises of the Fabjan clinic, which is located in Celje, it also has clinics in Ljubljana, Kranj, Nova Gorica and Ankaran. The essence of the center, which includes a wide range of aesthetic operations of minimally invasive (wrinkle treatment, Botox, hyaluronic acid, chemical peels, laser peels) to major surgical interventions (correction of breast, nose, ears, liposuction, removal of excess abdominal skin, etc.). and classical and aesthetic dental services (implantology, laser treatment, invisible braces, teeth whitening) is to provide an integrated approach and where the wishes of the patients are present, a complete makeover in one place.
Thus, in the premises of the clinic, we found high standard postoperative care with four beds, enabling quality performance and comprehensive approach recovery.

The end of endless queues
Advocates a comprehensive and personalized approach to patient. Always smiling and knowledgeable specialist promise that none of the activities (dentistry and cosmetic surgery) has no advantages, but that these are two areas that are connected.
A strong advocate for accessibility and the shortest waiting times. Waiting periods are also reduced to five days, orders enabled either by phone or email.

Prevention of moles
Spouses Fabjan provide great emphasis on the prevention of moles. Through their actions they wish to strongly reduce the time for the entire process from consultation to final treatment, which lasts up to six months. With the help of a professional teams, we provide a quick and safe healthcare of moles, from review to cure in a fortnight. Scope of dermatology covers an experienced professional specialist Dr. Slobodan Vujasinovič.

Center expands the spectrum of its activities in the field of related disciplines such as gynecology and dermatology.
In Velenje we opened a center for women, where care for the comprehensive treatment of the areas of gynecology, preventive breast ultrasound diagnostics, mammography and testing of genetic disorders of the fetus. The renowned Slovenian gynecologist dr. Mariusz Kosi cares for the center.

Esthetic surgery, surgical removal of warts, eyelid corrections, ears corrections, nose surgery, Correction cheekbones, Breast asymmetry, Body shaping, Increased sweating, Neck lifting

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Estetika Fabjan, Kranj

Location: Slovenia

Gosposvetska 6, 4000 Kranj

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