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Dental X-rays Center MORITA was established in 2010. Unlike other activities, in the radiography, the year of establishment is as important as in life, in terms as the younger the center the better.
By law, each X-ray must be approved by a dentist employed in Morita Center, which also stands us out as the center that takes maximum care of your security and the necessity of your exposure to X-ray radiation.
We have a digital X-ray machines of the latest generation. Our machines are manufactured in 2016, tested, certified and completely safe for work. Morita X-ray machines are characterized by extreme precision and minimum levels of radiation, which is completely safe for the human body and at the same time sufficient to produce crystal clear images.
The center is named by manufacturer: J.Morita from Japan, who, in its long practice of dental equipment manufacturing, took the lead in quality.

Morita X-ray


Most prominent among X-ray machines, whose accuracy is difficult to measure with any other manufacturer, and after many years of research they managed to reduce radiation levels to a minimum, sufficient to produce crystal clear images, and completely safe for the human body.

Ortopan, 3D dental imaging, Digital recording TM joint, Planning implant, Complete analysis

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Dental X-rays Center MORITA, Belgrade

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Francuska 25/1, Belgrade

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