Sanus Statera – Medical Alternative Center, Maribor

Slovenija Ul. Roberta Kukovca 15, 2000 Maribor

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Sanus Statera – Medical Alternative Center

SANUS STATERA is a private medical alternative center. We employ six physicians and a person for ordering and receiving patients. We highlight the following medical services -  Occupational medicine, traffic and sports, dental services, ultrasound services, internal medicine, defectology services, laboratory services, psychological counseling, massage and meditation. Our goal is to improve the quality and safety of people's lives through timely enforcement of modern approaches and medical techniques.

Our medical services that we offer and perform are at the highest agreed level of quality.

As service providers with high quality and reliable work, we justify the trust of our patients.

Our main concern is the safety and quality of health care services you need.


Overview of the skin and scalp, Chemical peeling, The treatment of skin diseases in children and adults, Lječenje akni
Preventive medical examinations prior to employment, Periodic and other targeted preventive health checks, Medical examinations for drivers of all categories, Medical examinations to determine health capacity for possession and carrying of arms, Preventive health checks and other athletes, Risk analysis and medical evaluation of jobs and tasks authorized doctor in accordance with the Law on Safety and Health at Work
Specialist examination, Ultrasound, Pap smears, Pregnancy Test, The test for the detection of Down syndrome
Specialist examination, ECG, Consultation with the internist, Cardiological review, Cardiological review, Cardiological examination with stress test, Cardiological examination with stress test and ultrasound of the heart, Control cardiological review, Stress test (ergometry), Spirometry
Tooth Treatment, Whitening, Tooth Implants, Prosthetics, Sensitive tooth necks, X-ray imaging, Cosmetic dentistry, Oral hygiene
Ultrasound of the urinary tract, Ultrasound of the prostate, Urological examination, Renal ultrasound
Ultrasound, breast ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound, Ultrasound of the heart, Ultrasound carotid arteries, Ultrasound of the arteries of the lower extremities, Ultrasound out the lower limbs, Ultrasound of neck and thyroid, Scrotal ultrasound and testicular, Ultrasound of soft tissue and joints, Ultrasound of vessels in erectile dysfunction
Biochemical tests, Hematologic tests, Immunochemical, Sludge

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Sanus Statera – Medical Alternative Center, Maribor

Location: Slovenija

Ul. Roberta Kukovca 15, 2000 Maribor

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