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Greeable ambiance and warm reception that our dental studio offers are part of our professional daily care of all patients that are numerous. Enjoy the the pleasant atmosphere and feel relaxed as you were at home. We remind you that there is a free accommodation in aponija apartments at your disposal during your stay in belgrade. Feel free to ask any question to your dentist regarding the health of your teeth and he will calmly provide you with a precise answer, because here in aponija we love our work and we perform it with passion and dedication.

Professionalism is a key word in our line of work. the staff of aponija consists of highly qualified experts specialized in different fields of dentistry and with significant working experience. Continuous professional improvements and participation at various international conferences enable our doctors to stay current with the latest technology and modern materials.

Optimization of costs, time and money saving, connection point between quality, speed, effective interventions, accessible price and a chance to travel abroad as tourists and to return home with beautiful smile. Those are just some of the advantages that dental tourism has to offer. Learn more and let us take care of you, you won’t make a mistake!

Novelties in professional area, in latest technology about everything that might be of your interest as our clients. The world is continuously changing bringing us us new inventions and solutions. We are aware of that here in aponija and we put all our efforts in being better in every sense. help us with your suggestions.

Interventions without any pain may seem unreal or unachievable to persons suffering from different dental problems, but it doesn’t have to be like that. painless interventions are not a mith and visit to the dentist may be a pleasant experience perceived as visit to spa center for you and your teeth. The name aponija means painless. Visit us and find out yourself that it is true.

Harmony of aesthetic and health is our primal goal. evidently the health of your teeth is your priority. But finding the aesthetic solution for your dental problems is a challenge of its kind and it represents the most creative ad the most inspiring part of our work. You may be sure that upon careful analysis and diagnosis we shall choose the best suitable option for you. We are aware of the value of beautiful smile and we know how many beautiful things it initiates. Be confident and smile freely because you shall have the smile to be proud of!


Oral Surgery, Whitening, Bridges, implantology, Inlay bridges, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Oral hygiene, Cad - Cam technology, Crowns and implant bridges, Teeth restorations, Inlay, Onlay, Toronto bridge, Emax crowns, Temporary crowns and bridges, Dental bridges, Mobile prosthetics, Frenectomy, Gingivectomy, Apicoectomy, Bone augmentation, Sinus lifting, Extraction of teeth

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Dental center Aponia, Belgrade

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Krunska 56/4, Belgrade, Serbia

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