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H2TAG Physiotherapy and rehabilitation Tomislav Pleša, Zagreb.


Physiotherapy and rehabilitation Tomislav Pleša

Private practice of physical therapy and rehabilitation "Tomislav Pleša" works since 2004. We are located in the center of Zapresic near the bus terminal.

Specialized area of activity are sports injuries problems, rehabilitation after prolonged immobilization or trauma, the difficulties caused by the workplace, various post-operating conditions, back pain and back pain conditions, changes in posture-keeping, various rheumatic and orthopedic diagnoses, and different techniques to improve the general physical condition.

Treatment and rehabilitation is tailored to the individual depending on the current needs of the client and the committed assessment by physiotherapists. The treatment is carried out after introducing the client to the situation and in consultation with him. The rehabilitation process is used by several techniques of manual therapy, massage, medical gymnastics and electrical procedures.


Tomislav Pleša, physiotherapist Bachelor

Born in 1975 in Zagreb, 1993. he completed the nursing  high school in Zagreb, and then went to medical college and graduated physiotherapy in 1996, and occupational therapy in 1998. Internship was performed in the Sisters of Mercy hospital in Zagreb. Simultaneously worked as a licensed physical therapist in FC Hrvatski Dragovoljac where he remained, after internship, as a clubs physical therapist up to 1999. From 1999 to 2003 he worked in the Children's Hospital Zagreb. During this period begins to receive further training and acquires new knowledge in the field of physiotherapy which continuously runs today. From 1999. worked parallel part-time job in FC Inker Zapresic, and from 2001 to 2003 in FC Dinamo Zagreb. In the fall of 2003. went to Libya as the official physiotherapist of Libyan national football team, where he remained until 2004. On his return he established a private practice in Zapresic where he still works. 1999. he was official physiotherapist of the Croatian national football team at the World Military Games in Zagreb and the official physiotherapist of Croatian national football teams U17, U20 and U21 between 1996 and 1999. Regularly participate in professional activities of the Croatian Association of Physiotherapists and the Croatian Society of Physiotherapists, collaborating with doctors of close specialties. Regularly attends numerous courses and trainings.


Our services:

Checks and education - specific therapeutic assessments that allow us quality targeted therapeutic approach and education in order to ensure faster recovery
Medical gymnastics - depending on the problem, individual or group exercise program is tailored to the client's age and current capabilities. We use a range of exercise techniques designed in several types, for example, after trauma, postpartum, with bad posture and the likes.

Therapeutic treatments - primarily manual, the emphasis is on the treatment by the hands of a physiotherapist, where we use a number of techniques to reduce pain, increase mobility, stabilization segments, etc.

Electrotherapy treatments - procedures in which we use appliances with various functions in order to have the best recovery. There are laser, magnetic therapy, therapeutic ultrasound and a number of therapeutic currents: interference, TENS, diadynamic, electrostimulation, etc.

Massages - depending on the needs and the committed, we are able to offer several massage techniques with a common goal to reduce tension and pain in a certain part of the body.


Specialist Examination, Massage, Therapeutic treatments, Electrotherapy treatments, Physical therapy at home


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Physiotherapy and rehabilitation Tomislav Pleša, Zagreb

Location: Hrvatska (Croatia), Zagreb

B. A. Krčelića 21, Zaprešić

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