Polyclinic Duvnjak - Zagreb

Hrvatska (Croatia) · Zagreb Ulica Ivana Kukuljevića Sakcinskog 2, zagreb

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Polyclinic Duvnjak Ltd. Health Center was established with the intent to serve patients in a timely manner with a high quality medical service in a pleasant atmosphere and at affordable rates .

The quality of our medical services is based primarily on years of experience of our doctors and other medical staff , with continued training and monitoring the latest world achievements in science and our profession . With our modern medical equipment , adequate space , availability and kindness , we are trying to react to your health needs and problems in order to provide earlier diagnosis , and more effective treatment .

Your visit can be arranged by phone, fax or e-mail , and we will as soon as possible ensure an appointment for and an examination or diagnostic procedure .

Contact us with confidence , we are expecting you!

Specialist examination, Treatment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver disease, Treatment of viral hepatitis ( B and C ), Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease ( Crohn's disease , Ulcerative Colitis ), Treatment of hemorrhoids, Diverticulosis Treatment, Treatment of polyps, Colon carcinoma treatment, Pancreatic disease Treatment, Treatment of gastritis and duodenal ulcer, Dyspepsia Treatment, Laboratory, MR diagnosis of abdominal disorders, Testing for Helicobacter pylori using urea breath test, Helicobacter pylori treatment, Constipation treatment, Abdominal ultrasound, Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, Rectoscopy, Biopsy at endoscopy with PHD examination, Abdominal CT
Specialist examination, ECG, Holter ECG, Holter RR, Echocardiography, Ergometry, Defibrillation, Catheter ablation, CT coronary angiography, Coronary Treatment of heart failure, Treatment of hypertension ( high blood pressure ), Treatment of coronary heart disease, Treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, Treatment of structural and inflammatory diseases of the heart
Specialist examination, EEG, EMG upper and lower extremities, EMNG upper and lower limbs, Treatment of headaches, Treatment of vertigo, Treatment of dementia, Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease, Treatment of epilepsy, Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, Treatment of Parkinson's disease, Urodynamic recording, Treating stroke, Treatment of nocturnal enuresis, Treatment of incontinence, Transcranial color Doppler of Wilsons circle ( TCD ), Color doppler ultrasound of carotid arteries and VB basin, Somatosensory evoked potentials ( SSEP ), Visual evoked potentials ( VEP ) BAER
Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Hematology, Endocrinology
Specialist Examination, Thyroid Ultrasound, Parathyroid Ultrasound, Breast Ultrasound, Adrenal Ultrasound, Pancreas Ultrasound, Testis Ultrasound, Ovary Ultrasound, Thyroid Puncture, Parathyroid Puncture, Breast Puncture, Scintigraphy, Densitometry, Hormonal Test, Marker Test, Thyroid Treatment, Osteoporosis Treatment, Obesity Treatment, Diabetes Treatment, Hypophysis Treatment, Adrenal Gland Treatment
Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, Proctoscopy
Specialist examination, Anoscopy, Rectoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, Biopsy, Histopathological analysis, Operation of hemorrhoids
General Examination
Specialist examination, Audiological diagnostic, Testing balance, Videostroboscopy, Swabs, Ultrasound of the thyroid, Treating snoring and sleep assistance, Operation of tonsils, Installation of ventilation tubes in the eardrum, Microsurgery of the ear, Meniere's disease, Otosclerosis, Hearing aid, Artificial cochlea, Rhinoplasty, Surgery of the sinuses, Vocal cord surgery, Thyroid surgery, Salivary gland surgery, Third tonsil ( adenoids ) removal, Myringoplasty, Middle ear surgery, Nasal polyps, Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty ( nose operation ) surgery, Protruding ears ( otoplasty ), Bags eyelid surgery under the eyes ( blepharoplasty )

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+385 1 4821 246
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+385 91 5168 982
+385 1 4821 246
Polyclinic Duvnjak - Zagreb

Location: Hrvatska (Croatia), Zagreb

Ulica Ivana Kukuljevića Sakcinskog 2, zagreb

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