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To visit a speech therapist is never too early because speech is a complex process that develops from birth. If, as a parent, you have any questions or concerns you can always call and ask. The most common reasons for coming into speech therapy cabinet are:

- Difficulties in learning, problems in school, disorders of reading, writing, numeracy
- Attention disorders and motor coordination
- Hearing impairment, deafness
- Differences in language development
- stuttering
- Difficulties and incorrect pronunciation of certain votes, articulation disorders

What does the speech therapist do?

- correction of incorrect pronunciation of votes
- therapy of voice, speech, language
- help with difficulties and disorders of reading and writing
- work with children with special needs
- treatment of stuttering and hastiness in speech
- parents counseling FREE!

More information and reservations on the number 0914947000. In the city of Zagreb and its surroundings and the town of Velika Gorica - the possibility of coming to your home!


Martin Galeković, speech therapist professor


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091 4947 000
Speech therapist Martina Galeković, Zagreb

Location: Croatia

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